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Frontier Children

“To the history of children, an emerging field that is both challenging and exciting, Frontier Children is a valuable contribution.”
--Pacific Northwest Quarterly

“By all means buy Frontier Children for the pictures...But you may find yourself as interested in the text as in the illustrations. Peavy and Smith combed through hundreds of sources to tell the harrowing, humourous stories of children who participated in many of the same activities as their adult counterparts, but from the parallel universe of childhood."
--Book Talk

“Peppered with letters and diaries written by children and liberally illustrated with photographs of children in their best clothes, or hard at work, this is a book for the entire family to read, look at, savor, and enjoy."
--American Cowboy

“Linda Peavy and Ursula Smith lead us into two territories that are both intimate and alien. The first is the American frontier, which haunts our memory as a place of national beginnings...The second territory is that of individual origins--our childhoods. We form our personal myths, the stories that explain who we are, through remembered moments from the age of seven or twelve...Like our selected frontier episodes, these personal memories shaped us, we believe; and so they are still with us...The experiences of frontier children are a distinctively American variation of what draws us to all history.”
--Elliott West

Selected Works

1. Western Women's History
Pioneer Women: The Lives of Women on the Frontier
“This 'patchword' of women's words and pictures captures the pioneer experience memorably and elegantly.”
--Susan Armitage, coeditor of The Women's West and Writing the Range
Women in Waiting in the Westward Movement: Life on the Home Frontier
“These families come alive in their variety, differences, and particularities. Their stories are told with power and grace, and they merit reading.”
--Annette Atkins
2. Western Family History
Frontier Children
“...a laudable 'verbal and visual montage that celebrates the experiences of children growing up in the American West..."
--Pacific Northwest Quarterly
3. Young Adult
4. Peavy-Smith Presentations
5. Musical Theatre/Opera
Opera based on the life and letters of Pamelia Fergus, Montana pioneer. Composer, Eric Funk. Librettists, Linda Peavy and Ursula Smith. Premiered August 1989 in Billings, Montana. Choral Suite from the opera performed in Carnegie Hall, May 1989.
10-minute musical based on the life and death of Dr. Karen Wetterhahn, Dartmouth University professor of chemistry who died in 1996 from a single drop of dimethylmercury. Music by Alfredo Alverez. Book and Lyrics by Linda Peavy
A Mountain on Her Mind
25-minute musical (radio drama format) based on life of Annie Smith Peck, classicist turned alpinist.
Mountains That Matter
Full-length musical based on the life of Annie Smith Peck, classicist turned alpinist. Music, lyrics, book by Linda Peavy; arrangments by Daniel Acquisto

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